The Inner Circle of Light Welcomes you to a World of Ancient Wisdom about the Universe and our relation with it.

When the Student is Ready the Teacher will appear

Love is the Greatest Power in the World- It is the Power of GOD - God is LOVE!

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Love the Greatest Thing in the World

Watch your Thoughts- Thoughts become Words - Word become action

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Awakening to Your Divine Self - The Christ Within

The Purpose of this Site is to Share Univeral  I AM Principle  that when applied  always works in Raising The Spiritual Energy within the Human body to the Higher Level known as The Christ Mind.

We are dedicated to Assisting those who are ready to learn how to Explore the World of Infinite Possibilities. Everyone is free to accept or reject any of the information or other materials offered.

It must remembered that a cup that is already Full cannot receive anything more. Always KEEP an OPEN Mind you never know when something will happen and The Mind will Open Up to Receive Something New.

That which is Called  GOD or Spirit  is  Ultimate Goal.  The Key is understanding how to  allow this Divine GOD Energy to Reveal Itself to you........ 

It is not sufficient just to know about GOD or even believe that GOD exist.  The ultimate reality is KNOWING  how to  ALLOW  that which GOD IS to Reveal Itself to us both as individuals and the collective whole in such a manner  that it is impossible to  NOT TO  KNOW that GOD Exist as the ever present  Eternal Reality, Substance and Cause. The Forever Omnipresent ALL that IS. There is no end to Forever.

The 3 Most Powerful Words in the Universe are

"GOD I AM " God is the Energy or Spirit which is Life Itself.  I AM is a statement of BEING


The I AM Principle


The Key to Discovering the I AM within. Ancient scriptures reveal the lost word in the Bible. Find the path to self discovery and manifesting your destiny. 

Beginners Guide to Creating Reality

The world is not a playground; it is a schoolroom. Life is not a holiday, but an education. And the one eternal lesson for us all is how better we can be and function in the Spirit of Love, Peace and Joy. "Any man can learn anything he will, but no man can teach except to those who want to learn. " "Life is always a Progressive Journey for everyone that is always being Lived One Day at time"

" You are the Captain of your Soul and it is You who must choose what works for you"